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Photography has always been part of my life as my father, a pharmacist was a keen photographer. I grew up with the house full of photographic magazines and books and he taught me the darkroom skills as well as buying me my first camera, a Nikkormat. My passion continued through university however medical studies and mostly the expense curtailed my hobby. After qualifying as an anaesthesiologist a four month locum in the beautiful Yorkshire ignited my passion once again. Upon returning to South Africa I settled with my family in the beautiful and mountainous Eastern Free State. A darkroom was built and many hours later the craft returned.

The wide open spaces of Southern Africa called and numerous photographic trips to Lesotho, Namibia, Botswana and my home country ensued. Initially with the Ansel Adam's family of photographic books under my belt the primary pursuit was to capture the magnificent local landscapes in perfect tonality and in the highest resolution. The region has many magnificent vistas however it slowly dawned on me the true beauty was concealed in the diversity of the Southern African people.

Taking the off the beaten track to less familiar territory and finding interesting people or places is most rewarding especially if the image captured on film is as unique as originally envisaged. Photography is my way to convey the inherent beauty around me and it is a quest to expose this extraordinary beauty in the ordinary everyday people and objects that surround us. My Prayer is that my eyes are truly opened to see.

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